What has been happening?

Who is Mrs Nick

Sep 13, 2011

You may have noticed there are some changes going on at our vineyard.Its been a while coming but we have taken the step of giving our gorgeous home a name that reflects us.

Let me tell you a story of a little greek boy named nick ,a long journey by sea on a ship called the Patris ,his adoring parents Athanasios and Penelopi and baby sister Pascalia and a new chapter in their lives which began when they disembarked at Station Pier in Port Melbourne in 1967.Like most new migrants Mum and Dad spoke no english and through sheer hard work in very short time owned the local milk bar which back in the port in those days was a hub of the local community and what a community it was -but that is a story for another time.It wasnt long before young Nick-too small to reach the counter but with the aid of the sturdy milk crate got to know all the locals , everyone knew the chubby little greek kid at the local,and everyone knew his parents Mr Nick and Mrs nick.

In 2007 my husband Nick made a gift to me of 38 of the most precious acres .I thank Mr and Mrs Nick for that journey they took all those years ago.Now they have become my parents and I in turn have become Mrs Nick.

Our new logo was drawn by our youngest daughter Pascale and represents the full circle of our family,a cluster of grapes to represent each of us .

Come and meet the family on the weekends at our gorgous barn.

Christmas is upon us

Dec 18, 2010

One week until jolly St Nick pays us all a visit.This month has flown along at a scary pace.The school gates are now all closed ,the bus is in his bed ,no endless rounds of school lunches just days of grazing ahead of us.

My block of Merlot is looking mighty fine, all gorgeous green tendrils, little bunches of future lovliness.Ive been shoot thinning,wire lifting and bunch counting.I am now sporting a rather naughty vineyard tan.My son ,Onassi is quite justified in wagging his finger and having a laugh at my expense as I show off my very brown forearms(were rather an unattrtactive shade of red a week ago).Our adorable Barney has doubled in weight,we find ourselves exclaiming every day ,how on earth could we live without a dog.We are most grateful to our local vets who have been most kind to the scampish Jezza.One week left in his splint,yes we own the only cat who does not land on his feet.He fell from our "Miggy tree " in the front paddock -poor boy .

Polly's Block

Nov 10, 2010

This has now become Polly's Block,five luscious rows of merlot.I thought rather than just heres cheers every night to these hard working vines it was about time I got the boots on and starting nurturing babies that dont talk back[or chew up birkenstocks]There is much hilarity around the dinner table in the evenings of late when the children ask their father,"wheres Mum?,"to which the reply is now "shes doing her block."Im under the tutelage of our viticulturalist and enjoying what has become a tremendous learning curve .It makes that evening drop so much more pleasurable.

Meet Barney

Oct 26, 2010

Let me introduce you to our Barney.He has made the vineyard his new home. A gorgeous bundle of border collie who seems to be melting the hearts of not only the entire family but all our regular customers. Our daughter Pascale is in charge when it comes to all matters puppy but I'm sure if you see them together she will be more than happy to show off her new charge. Welcome Barney, now please stop herding the poor chooks!.

The Managerie

Oct 19, 2010

JezzaSince living on the vineyard we have begun to share our lives with a menagerie of beautiful animals both wild and tame.Here is our Jezza boy ,the vineyards resident cat .

In January 2008 we were adopted by Lucille the goose,she has been swanning about our lake ever since,mothering the ducklings and generally raising the tone of the wetlands.Only recently after a brief sojourn across the road on a neighbouring dam she returned home with Desi.An ardent admirer.He chases us with gusto as we drive out each morning and impresses her with his manly attentions.We are hoping Spring will perhaps bring joy to our Lucille.

Lucy and Desi ducks

Spring 2010

Oct 11, 2010

It may be the first week of October but finally we all feel that Spring is truly shining her warmth upon us.After suffering what felt like an extraordinarily long winter and I'm speaking to you as one who as a rule loves the autumnal shades of the greyer months, even I was known to gasp with delight when the sun beamed down on that great Saturday in September.Our gnarly vines are now bursting forth ,little green hands wave at me wherever I walk. I watch my eldest son begin to unfurl as well. The winter sticks, as he likes to call them, after those long months begin to wear his spirits down,I expect him now to bounce along with Spring.Vines and children all growing at a rapid pace.