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2011 in a bottle

Oct 27, 2011

The range of Mrs Nicks will be face forward this weekend.Pinot Gris bottled for the first time from our vines,the sauvignon Blanc seemed to agree with the season as its just tasting gorgeous,and look out for our ever popular Pinot Rose,the colour is just too special to put in green glass so shes out there in full blush for all the world to see.The only darling missing from the family is the newly named Three Mothers Merlot which wont get bottled until February 2012.One mother to nuture the vines,one mother to  guide that mother and another mother to nuture the wines-and wow is she doing a super job of that.We still have stock of the 2009 Merlot at cellar door,its such a pleasure to get so much positive feedback on the Merlot.Its rewarding knowing the work that it takes for me to nurture those 5 rows,one per child,and to see it translate perfectly into the bottle-a lot of heart and song goes into those vines,and if I keep those girls happy they will in turn look after me.

Mrs Nicks Organic Vineyard

Oct 7, 2011

Today Mrs Nicks added a new vineyard to the stable.A certified organic vineyard in Dromana.We are very proud of this new arm to the family business and look forward to the vintage of 2012.

Family Harvest

May 20, 2011

Harvest 2011

May 5, 2011

Harvest is over! .A long season but that of a high maintenance beauty,a lot of work went into keeping her gorgeous this year and the results of all that effort will be rewarded.The bounty was simply beautiful.

On my journeys through the peninsula it was sad to see crops unnetted but the abundant rains and shallow promise of Summer dictated what many long timers declared was the trickiest seasons for decades.

My merlot was finally picked over Easter,the family were bouyed by an overdose of chocolate and kourabiedes and we banded together to pick Polly's Block.The fruit was delicious,the day a treat of sunshine,lunch was well earnt.As I write Im watching the leaves on the vines turn to butter,all golden,reminiscent of the buttercups of my childhood.The pinot vines above them are now looking all spindly having lost their leaves this week-the stuff of which wreaths shall be made.

Next task on that endless list of To Do's is pruning.Wont Barney have fun with all those new sticks!.