Mrs Nicks Wines

Our winemaker, crafts our wines by balancing the use of modern Australian techniques with a Burgundian style approach. Complex and well structured, with elegantly understated fruit and oak, our wines reflect the uniqueness of our terroir., some wine, such as the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Merlot, are matured in small French oak barriques.

Wines are available to taste at cellar door

The art work on our 2008 vintage is a special piece created by our Daughter Lilly when she was 10 as a birthday gift for her Mother. This begun a precedent in our family,the label each year shall change and will be chosen on the auspicious occasion of the maternal birthday

2009 label artwork done by our son Ben,a self portrait masterpiece done by the artist as a six year old,nearly a decade ago.Ben is enjoying anonyimity as he no longer looks like this-though the challenge is out there see if you can recognise him when next you visit.

Mrs Nicks New Label

The artwork for the Mrs Nicks label was done by our youngest daughter Pascale when she was 10.She presented me one afternoon with a little scrap of paper with this gorgeous circle of grape clusters on it,knowing her mothers sentimental attachment to circles she knew that this little masterpiece would be filed away in the family art collection.When the time came to design a new label ,the choice was easy and the Mrs Nicks logo was born.Seven clusters of grapes to represent each member of our family.

Wine Clearance

All our 2009 wines labelled under Marinda Park will be discounted at cellar door ,pick up some gorgeous wines at a fantastic price.