The Vineyard

The vines

Mrs Nicks is thirty eight acres in total with twenty three acres under vine. The grey loam atop “Merricks Mud” clay soil found in the vineyard allows for the development of excellent mineral characteristics in the white wines and savoury flavours in the reds.
To produce optimum quality fruit we prune our vines to produce about 2 - 3 tonnes to the acre. This is probably about half the yield that could be coaxed from them; however grape quality and yield are usually inversely related. Minimal or no irrigation is used depending on the season, when required we utilize both the bore and dam on the property.

Our grape and wine production is very labour intensive. All canopy management, pruning and harvesting is carried out by hand to ensure our grapes are grown and picked in optimal condition – a great commitment to producing high quality fruit.

We have a Mediterranean (winter rain) maritime cool climate. There is negligible frost and no snow. The Peninsula has a growing reputation for growing premium Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling. The best times weather-wise to visit are November/December and late February through April. At these times you’ll usually experience lots of sun and little rain. January and February can have days of 40 degrees plus, however nights are cooler. Please view the charts below for more information.